Saturday, March 31, 2007

Woman sick after eating tainted dog food

Listening to the radio this morning, there was a bit about a woman falling ill after eating tainted dog food. What?! Did I hear that right?! Yep, sure did. Read on fellow dog lovers:

Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday Photo Pick - "I Pitty, The Fool" Photo Contest

In honor of April Fool's Day and to celebrate the pit bull, Pit Bull Rescue Central has created a gallery of jokers and jesters submitted by pit bull lovers.

This is our favorite, but you can help decide which one will be crowned this year’s #1 Pitty Fool by visiting Pit Bull Rescue Central to view over 100 pit bulls in all their foolish glory!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tainted Pet Food Hits Close to Home

I am deeply sorry to report that a friend of CityDog's has been affected by the recent pet food recall. Seattle designer Tath Hossfeld and husband Dennis recently lost their dog Ranger after a heroic battle with seizures and kidney failure from tainted dog food. Being 13 made him all the more vulnerable to this horrific twist of fate. We are pleased to say that Mo, the couple's other English Setter, seems to be doing okay. Tath and Dennis describe Ranger as brave with a gentle heart, an emphatic old soul, noble and loyal. They ask that you please give your pets a hug for them. Our deepest sympathy to the Hossfelds during this difficult time.
Looking for something to do with your pooch this Saturday? Then head to a special kick off event to Poochapalooza at the Marysville Strawberry Festival. This kick off event features the Poochapalooza Poster Contest, where photographer Natalie Court from Clear Image Portrait Studio will take headshot pictures of each participating dog to pick for the “2007 Poochapalooza Poster Dog.” The winning dog will also receive a free professional photo shoot at Clear Image. The event this Saturday is free (with a suggested donation of $5.00 to go toward funding an off-leash dog park in Marysville). All dogs will receive a free doggy bag filled with treats, coupons and surprises.

Saturday, March 31st from 1 –3 PM at Comeford Park, downtown Marysville off State Street between 5th and 6th. All dogs must be leashed.

The official Poochapalooza is June 9th at Asbery Field from 10 AM – 5 PM. Admission is $15.00 for 1st dog and $5.00 for each additional dog. Proceeds will go toward an off-leash dog park for Marysville.

For more information go to or call Leslie Buell at 425 268-5285.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday Photo Pick - The Beast Rider

Recently out for dinner with a friend, she told me about her friend Micki who rides a motorcycle with dog Kaycee on the back, using a contraption called the "Beast Rider." Well of course I was intrigued and said "You MUST send me pictures!" Pictured here is Micki's husband Boots, with Kaycee riding shotgun, wearing safety Doggles no less. We'll have more about the Beast Rider, Doggles, K-Noggles and more in the summer issue of CityDog. In the meantime, check out the Beast Rider website here. Gives meaning to the phrase "motorcycle mutt." Or, how about "Dog Hog?"

CityDog Stirs Debate

Have you ever Googled yourself? C' know you want to. It's interesting what you might stumble upon. I found this blog when Googling CityDog to see what's out there. Essentially, the debate continues about pooches in pubs, but this one takes a spin from dogs enjoying a cold one to children misbehaving in restaurants. Can the childless (of both the two- and four-legged kind) find any peace in our dog loving, child rearing society?

Monday, March 19, 2007

Pet Food Recall

People are worried about the latest pet food recall...and for good reason. The brands effected now total 51 dog foods and 40 cat foods. Major brands like Iams and Nutro, which are manufactured by Menu Foods and in stores across the country. Currently, the recall is limited to wet food; "cuts and gravy" to be more specific. And, they may have (but are not 100% certain) identified the ingredient causing the kidney failures as wheat gluten. Regardless, it's better to be safe than sorry. First, read your pet food label. Also, if you are feeding your pet(s) wet food, specifically "cuts and gravy," switch to dry. Go to your pet food manufacturer's website. CityDog did a test search with a few of the smaller manufacturers like Natura and Wellness and found information posted on their home pages (neither are part of the recall, by the way). Also, go to the Menu Foods website ( to see if your pet food is listed and if you do find that you have been feeding your dog or cat food effected by the recall, call your vet. Signs of kidney failure include loss of appetite, lethargy, excessive urinating and excessive drinking of water. On another note, we're pretty disturbed that during tests by Menu Foods, the company fed its product to 40 to 50 dogs and cats and seven of the animals died. We understand that testing may save lives, but at what means?

Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday's Fido Photo Pick

Look at that face! And oh, what a girl would do for that thick, glossy mane of hair. Meet Miko, a chow/spaniel mix. Photo submitted by photographer Henry Schulz.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

CityDog's Online Directory

We invite you to visit CityDog's online directory of advertisers to learn more about their outstanding products and services. Find everything you need from fine art pet photography to behaviorists and trainers, doggie daycares, pooch friendly accommodations, toys, clothing, accessories and more...all right here.

2nd CityDog Cover Dog Model Search

The second annual CityDog Cover Dog Model Search is a go again this fall at Seattle's Fremont Oktoberfest (date and time tbd). Last year, over 200 dogs strutted the "catwalk," raising money for animal welfare. The winner, Labradoodle Jessie Mei, is pictured here on CityDog's spring cover. Come one, come all for a good cause, good time and good doggies! Stay tuned...we'll have more details next month and in the summer issue of CityDog.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Friday's Fido Photo Pick

Okay, so it's Saturday...but anyway, here is our "Friday" Fido Photo Pick. Meet golden retriever Penny. We just couldn't resist that sweet golden smile. Photo submitted by Connie Conley of West Seattle.

Monday, March 05, 2007

When the Law Outlaws Pitbulls

Seems we need to clarify something we ran in our spring issue...In the Bark of the Town section on page 13, we include a mention about a recent breed ban in Royal City, Wash. The ordinance bans pit bulls and rottweilers from the town and the mayor is quoted as saying, "...the people who have these kinds of dogs are not always the most responsible." Because we included this quote without a follow up comment from CityDog (like "What the...?"), it could seem that we endorse this comment. In fact, a reader was under this impression. We do NOT agree with this statement. We agree with our reader that irresponsible dog ownership is not breed specific. Period. One of our favorite local organizations is the Pit Bull Project, (we featured an article on the Project in our Winter 2005 issue), and the work Anne Holte and her network of volunteers have done to not only rescue these dogs, but also educate people on the breed. We understand that this is a sensitive issue and will be sure to follow up on this topic in our summer issue. As always, thank you to our readers for keeping us on our toes!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Friday Photo Pick!

We think this image says it all...With this latest cold snap in the Northwest, who wouldn't be dreaming about heading to the beach? Pictured here is goldendoodle, Woody, stopping for a photo op on his way to Golden Gardens dog park. Photo submitted by CityDog subscriber Larissa Sweeney.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

It's a Dog's Life at Seattle's Frank and Dunya

CityDog loves dog art and supporting artists who feature dogs as their subjects. In fact, in every issue we profile a local artist. The spring issue (hot-off-the-press today!) features Seattle artist Nancy Schutt ( During the month of March, local gallery Frank and Dunya is hosting "It's a Dog's Life," a fun and funky art show featuring two artists who share our love of animals and a special appreciation of dogs. Kelley Callicoat and Barbara Noonan are professional artists working in different media, translating their love of dogs onto canvas and paper. Month of March; artists reception Friday, March 2, 2007 from 6:00-9:00 p.m. at 3418 Fremont Ave N, Seattle; phone: 206.547.6760.