Friday, December 29, 2006

A New Year's Resolution You Can Keep

Make 2007 a better year for pets and people by taking to heart a New Year’s resolution for your best four-legged friend. The Oregon Humane Society encourages everyone to adopt the Top Ten Resolutions below to improve the lives of pets, people and homeless animals.

Repeat after us: In 2007, I resolve to show my love for my four-legged companion.

Here’s how:

  1. Get a microchip ID for my pets to go along with their ID tags
  2. Get exercise by walking my dog every day
  3. Play with my cat every day
  4. Remember to keep my pet fit and trim and refrain from using food as love
  5. Pack a disaster preparedness “go pack” for my pet, just in case
  6. Teach humane treatment of animals to my children (you can even encourage their school to invite the Oregon Humane Society or The Humane Society for Seattle/King County to make a classroom presentation)
  7. Schedule my pet’s annual veterinarian appointment
  8. Volunteer my time and talents at a local animal shelter to help homeless pets
  9. Encourage friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances to have their pets spayed or neutered
  10. Give the gift of compassion with a monetary donation to my local animal shelter

From CityDog, have a safe and happy New Year!

Okay, all you dog lovers out there, CityDog needs your help with our Bark of the Town section. Bark of the Town (a.k.a. in human-speak as "Talk of the Town") features nuggets of doggie-related news...little tidbits of information such as a new dog park opening, a unique event like the blessing of animals at local churches (who woulda thought?), special services such as a restaurant just for dogs...stuff like that! How about a fun website you've discovered? Do you have any ideas for us? Do you know something we don't know? Share it with us and we might just share it with fellow readers in the next issue of CityDog!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

CityDog on KOMO 4 News

CityDog editor Brandie Ahlgren was a guest on Seattle's KOMO 4 News last Thursday to talk about holiday gift ideas for dogs and dog lovers. Click here for last minute gift ideas for Christmas or get a head start on Valentine's Day!

And of course, the winter issue of CityDog makes a great stocking stuffer and a gift subscription lasts the whole year!

For a list of stores where you can find CityDog, click here. CityDog is also sold at Barnes & Noble, Borders, B Dalton and Hastings in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and northern California.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Wishing you and yours the very best in the coming New Year!
From Scout (in the reindeer ears) & Ziggy...CityDog Magazine

Friday, September 29, 2006

Fremont Oktoberfest Cover Dog Search

The crowd went wild at Fremont Oktoberfest as 120 dogs took to the stage for a chance to be the next CityDog cover dog!

Bella, Zoltan, Happy, Glory, Henry, Bodie, Ula, Playa, Ginger...these are just a few of the canine contestants that strutted their stuff on the "catwalk."

Check out ALL of the fabulous Fremont Oktoberfest cover dog contestants here photographed by J. Nichole Smith of Dane & Dane Photography.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Our third and final contestant!

This is Gatsby, a bull mastiff, and our third and final contestant in the CityDog cover dog model search. Gatsby competed for the cover at Fremont Oktoberfest and the turnout was AMAZING...a total of 120 dogs strutted their stuff on stage to raise money for the Doney Memorial Clinic and a chance to be on the cover of CityDog.

We will be asking CityDog readers to vote soon! We know it will be difficult to choose...imagine choosing from the hundreds of dogs entered in the model searches! Excruciating, because all dogs are special in their own way.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the first-ever CityDog Cover Dog Model Search. Dogs rule!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Our second winner!

Congratulations to labradoodle Jessie Mei! She is the winner of the second CityDog cover dog model search that took place last weekend at Walk for the Animals at Redmond Town Center. Close to 100 dogs participated in the contest, which kept J. Nichole Smith of Dane & Dane Photography very busy snapping head shots of every pooch! You can see all of the dogs entered in the CityDog cover dog model search here. As you can see, it was extremely difficult to choose...ALL of the dogs are worthy of the cover!

We have one more event to go on Sunday at Fremont Oktoberfest then we will ask CityDog readers to vote on the final dog to grace the Spring 2007 cover.

Thank you to everyone who entered their pooch in a cover dog model search. We think all of your dogs are beautiful plus you helped us raise money for a great cause. And it's truly been a pleasure to witness how much we love our dogs in the Northwest!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Our first winner!

Steve is CityDog's first winner in the CityDog cover dog model search. Steve strutted his stuff on the "catwalk" at PAWSWalk and is the first of three dogs to go to the final round for the Spring 2007 cover!

There is still time to enter your dog in the model search! The last event is this Sunday, September 24 at Fremont Oktoberfest. Visit for more information.

Check out all of the dogs entered in the PAWSWalk cover dog model search here!

Fall issue hot-off-the-press

The Fall issue is hot-off-the-press! If you don't have the latest issue, pick one up now at your nearest pet store, newsstand or subscribe today! This issue features:

7 Steps to a Great Relationship With Your Dog
Whidbey Island Weekend Getaway
Northwest Unleashed: Dogs on Tap
The Treats of Tacoma
Ask Dog Lady, Red Dog Diaries, Wag
Book reviews, expert advice, and much more!

First two cover dog searches huge success!

Over 100 dogs have participated in the first-ever CityDog cover dog model search! With one more event to go this weekend at Fremont Oktoberfest, we'll have accomplished three things: First, we raised money for a good cause. All of the proceeds go to PAWS, the Humane Society and the Doney Memorial Clinic. Second, we had a blast! It's been awesome meeting so many Northwest dogs and their reinforces how much we in the Northwest love our dogs! And third, we spread the word about CityDog a little further.

For all of you who entered your dog in the CityDog model was great to meet you and your gorgeous pups! I have to say, it's been REALLY tough picking one dog from each event, because of course, we think ALL dogs are worthy of the CityDog cover. Alas, there can only be one...Two have been selected so far to go to the final round and the third will be picked this Sunday. Then CityDog readers will be asked to vote on the winning dog for the cover! This is so exciting!!

We'll announce the winner soon, so stay tuned!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Welcome to the First CityDog Blog

Welcome to the first CityDog blog - EVER! The big news to share with you is the upcoming CityDog Cover Dog Model Search...come one, come all...we are looking for our next dog model to grace the cover of the Spring 2007 issue. We invite big dogs, little dogs, Heinz 57 dogs, pedigree try out for the cover of CityDog Magazine!

We are holding three model searches:

Times vary for each event, so check our website at for details.

So, here's the dog will be picked from each event to go to the final round. We will then ask CityDog readers to vote on the final dog for the cover. This is the first time we've done anything like this and we hope to make it an annual event to help raise money for a good cause. The cost to participate is $5.00 per dog and all of the proceeds will go to benefit animals. So, bring your gorgeous pup (note: we at CityDog think ALL dogs are gorgeous) to one or all of the above events for a shot at being on the cover of the Spring 2007 issue.

One final note...again, we think ALL dogs are worthy of the cover regardless of make or model (unfortunately, there can be only one winner), so we will be posting pictures of ALL of the dogs entered in the search on the CityDog website! Photographer J. Nichole Smith of Dane & Dane Photography ( will be at the events to photograph your dog for the site. And she will conduct the photo shoot with the winning dog for the cover.

We hope to see you and your pooch at one of the above events!