Monday, September 04, 2006

Welcome to the First CityDog Blog

Welcome to the first CityDog blog - EVER! The big news to share with you is the upcoming CityDog Cover Dog Model Search...come one, come all...we are looking for our next dog model to grace the cover of the Spring 2007 issue. We invite big dogs, little dogs, Heinz 57 dogs, pedigree try out for the cover of CityDog Magazine!

We are holding three model searches:

Times vary for each event, so check our website at for details.

So, here's the dog will be picked from each event to go to the final round. We will then ask CityDog readers to vote on the final dog for the cover. This is the first time we've done anything like this and we hope to make it an annual event to help raise money for a good cause. The cost to participate is $5.00 per dog and all of the proceeds will go to benefit animals. So, bring your gorgeous pup (note: we at CityDog think ALL dogs are gorgeous) to one or all of the above events for a shot at being on the cover of the Spring 2007 issue.

One final note...again, we think ALL dogs are worthy of the cover regardless of make or model (unfortunately, there can be only one winner), so we will be posting pictures of ALL of the dogs entered in the search on the CityDog website! Photographer J. Nichole Smith of Dane & Dane Photography ( will be at the events to photograph your dog for the site. And she will conduct the photo shoot with the winning dog for the cover.

We hope to see you and your pooch at one of the above events!

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