Friday, October 29, 2010

Get Your Cat or Kitten ‘Fixed’ for Free

This November Elect to Spay your Demo’cat’ or Re’purrblican! To prevent unwanted litters of kittens from being born this coming spring, ASAP, the Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland, is offering FREE spay/neuter surgeries this November in six locations around the Portland/Vancouver metro area. Caretakers of stray or feral cats can take advantage of this offer as well.

Qualified cat owners can have their fertile cats or kittens spayed or neutered for free between November 8 and 12, or schedule a spay/neuter surgery for only $10 any other time. Surgeries are performed by licensed veterinarians and subsidized through charitable donations. Up to 400 free feline spay/neuter surgery spots will be available the week of November 8 – 12.

“Add this ‘To-Do’ to your list along with voting”, says Joyce Briggs, President of the Alliance for Contraception in Cats and Dogs, and volunteer with ASAP Spay & Save Program. “The winter solstice in mid-December prompts cats to go into season, and many are pregnant by January. Preventing those kittens is the reason for this extraordinary offer. With 20,000 cats entering our area shelters annually, we need to focus on finding good homes for them, without a flood of kittens this Spring. There are not enough homes for all of them.”

How to Qualify: For a cat owner to qualify, they must receive government assistance such as Medicaid, WIC, food stamps, SSI, Section 8 public housing, AFDC, or TANF, and live in Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas, or Clark County. Those feeding unowned feral/stray cats need not meet income requirements.

Where: Services are being provided at the following locations, by license veterinarians and caring surgical teams. Transportation may be available for those unable to take advantage of this offer due to travel issues.
  • Cat Adoption Team – Sherwood
  • Oregon Humane Society – NE Portland
  • Washington County Animal Services – Hillsboro
  • Multnomah County Animal Services – Troutdale
  • Humane Society of SW Washington – Vancouver
  • Feral Cat Coalition – for strays or feral cats
How: Starting Monday, November 1, call: 503-802-6755 for a cat you own; or 503-797-2606 for feral cats. If you call prior to November 1, you can either schedule a appointment for $10 or you will be asked to call back on November 1. Free spay/neuter appointments will scheduled for November 8 through 12 only.

The free spay/neuter surgeries are being offered through the Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland’s Spay & Save program thanks to generous donations. This vital program is funded through private donations as well as grant monies. Special thanks to PetSmart Charities for their grant support. See for details on qualifying, addresses of surgery locations and more.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Pets on Wheels

Some injures can lead to paralysis and drive our pets to a dead-end. Fortunately, there are now options for pets that can make their lives go on wheels again. Literally.

For animals that have lost use of their legs because of paralysis or a disease, wheelchair devices are now available that can restore lost motion.

"A wide variety of devices are now on the market to help companion animals move around, and they work very much like a wheelchair," said Dr. Alice Blue-McLendon, clinical assistant professor at the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.

Blue-McLendon says a veterinarian can take measurements of the animal's body to be fitted for the wheelchair devices, which are custom-made for that particular pet. The veterinarian can then contact one of several companies that make the wheelchairs, which usually consist of a harness-like device with straps and wheels. There are also several reliable companies on the internet that will work directly with the clients to make a custom wheelchair.

Dogs are the most frequent users of the devices, but they can also be made for cats, ferrets, goats, rabbits and other pets. Costs usually range from $200 to $400, depending on the size of the pet.

Blue-McLendon says that several medical conditions can cause a pet to need a wheelchair device. One is hind limb paralysis which can be due to injury, such as being struck by a car or a vertebral disk disease. Another cause is a degenerative condition in which the muscle or bone of the animal's leg cannot function properly, causing the animal to drag its legs or not move at all.

Once the device is fitted to the pet it usually takes several days for the animal to get accustomed to the wheelchair, Blue-McLendon explains. "But animals are quick to adapt, and after a few days, they usually can get around very well with these devices," she notes. She stresses that it takes a commitment from the pet owner before considering whether to purchase a wheelchair for a pet.

"It takes extra time on the owner's part to take off the device at night because the animals must sleep without them," Blue-McLendon says. "And many times if the animal is paralyzed it still needs assistance several times a day with urination. Also, since the animal can only use its front legs to get around it tends to get tired more quickly. So the owner needs to be aware of this, especially if taking the animal out for a long walk or other exercise."

Blue-McLendon adds that once the animal is accustomed to the wheelchair, it can lead a relatively normal life.

"These wheelchair-type devices have become quite popular in the last 20 years or so," she says.

"They give your pet an option that it might not have had otherwise -- that of regaining much of the mobility it once had. If the owner is willing to make the commitment, they can be wonderful aids for disabled pets."

This article is provided courtesy of Pet Talk, a service of the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, Texas A&M University. Photo provided courtesy of Eddie's Wheels.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tricks, treats and cute costumes!!!

Don't forget the furry ghouls and goblins this Halloween...they want to be part of the fun too! Whatever their (well, really your) preference, there are hundreds of costumes to choose from, so how to decide? Try to find a costume that fits his personality. If your dog was a human, would he be athletic? Goofy? Nerdy? Or how about a superhero?? Here are some ideas to get you thinking.

Maybe he's got a bit of a naughty streak?

Or perhaps she's been told she resembles a bug?

Or maybe your dog likes to eat everything in sight!
"Oink Oink"

(Check out Doggie Vogue for the devil dog, caterpillar and pig costumes!)

Is your dog your biggest fan?
"Yaaaaaay HUMANS!"

Or is he always ready to save those from distress?
"It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superdog!"

Or is she - hmm...ok, there's really no explanation for this one,
we just thought it was cute!

(The cheerleader, Superdog and corn cob are available at Oh My Dog Supplies.)

Maybe your dog's best friend is a kitty cat? 
(Shhh, we won't tell anyone.)

Or does she love to make you laugh and entertain a crowd?
"For my next trick, I'm going to chase my tail!"

Or is he a bit of a trouble maker lately?
"Back in the dog house again?!?"

(You can find the kitty cat, clown and prisoner costumes at Glamour Dogs.)

Maybe he's really a rock star? 
"Nah, I'm just a hound dog."

Or a cape crusader, with a dark side.
"I am Batdog."

Or perhaps he's a bit of a dreamer...
"Triple crown, here I come!"

And again, this one was just too cute. 
Who doesn't love a Smurf dog?

(Elvis, Batman, Horse Racer and Smurf costumes are all available at Costume Craze.)

We hope these creative and fun costumes gave you a few ideas to work with, but if you're not one for dressing up your dog, then we hope you got a few laughs. Whatever you decide to do this Halloween, just be sure to have fun, stay safe and as always, spoil your pup with lots of love. Oh and a few treats too!

For where to wear these cute costumes, check out the CityDog Social Calendar and/or tune in today at 2 p.m. to The Dog Talk Show. We'll be discussing fun Howloween events taking place this weekend and next.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Portland tops the list for best places to live with pets, a website offering in-depth information about America’s best places to live, has just released a list of Top 10 Pet Friendly Cities. The cities on this list have pet friendly parks and trails, quality veterinary care, active animal welfare groups, as well as an abundance of pet boutiques and retail shops. But to make the list, these cities also had to offer an incredible quality of life for pet owners as well. researched cities around the country and looked for cities that were both pet AND people friendly. From quality healthcare and higher education to diverse job opportunities and active artistic and cultural scenes.

These cities are some of the best places to work, live, play and own a pet in America. Here are the top 10, with Portland as number one:

Top 10 Pet Friendly Cities:

1. Portland, OR

2. Colorado Springs, CO

3. Rocky Mount, NC

4. Boulder, CO

5. Santa Cruz, CA

6. Eugene, OR

7. Asheville, NC

8. Albuquerque, NM

9. Nashville, TN

10. Louisville, KY

Monday, October 18, 2010

Candidates Endorsed by Save Washington Pets and the League of Humane Voters

At CityDog Magazine, we are a-paw-litical, but Save Washington Pets has teamed up with the League of Humane Voters, Washington Chapter to identify candidates for the state legislature who have demonstrated they are most supportive of animal welfare legislation in our state.

Save Washington Pets reviewed animal welfare bill voting records of incumbent state senators and representatives running for re-election. They also reviewed responses candidates provided to a humane legislation questionnaire that the League sent to each candidate.

Why did they do this? Because they are working toward passage of spay/neuter assistance legislation and other important animal welfare laws. CityDog agrees, we need to elect state senators and representatives who care about and understand these issues and will vote accordingly.

Save Washington Pets' recommendations for the state senate and house of representatives are posted here. They have each candidate's name linked to his or her website or email address.

Your vote may be decided based on political party preference; candidates' positions on social, economic or other issues; or other factors. However, please also consider candidates most supportive of animal welfare legislation when you're deciding how to vote in the November 2 election.

If you're not sure what legislative district you live in, just use this handy district finder.

Woofs & Wags!
CityDog Magazine

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mark your calendar: Muttster Mash, Saturday, October 30th

For all you four-legged ghosts, goblins and Lady Gagas, West Seattle's Muttley Crew Cuts is hosting Muttster Mash -- So, don your canine costumes and join your fellow furry friends for a spooktacular night of fun!

Saturday, October 30th from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Muttley Crew Cuts
4200 SW Admiral Way, Suite C, Seattle
Parking available in the underground parking garage just north of Muttley Crew Cuts.

Doggie costume contest, beer and wine for your humans, pet food drive to help dogs in need, and more! All charity donations will go to the Furry Faces Foundation.

If you need some canine costume ideas...stay tuned for our next blog!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Poisonous mushrooms cropping up in the Pacific Northwest

As dog lovers know...our furry friends will eat almost anything, so it's our job to ensure they are safe by keeping toxic substances far out of reach. Here's one more thing to add to the list: mushrooms...or a specific kind of mushroom known as a "death cap." Just yesterday, King County health officials issued a warning about "death caps," and while this warning is meant for humans, it also applies to canines.

Death caps -- or Amanita phalloides -- were thought to be rare in the Pacific Northwest, but this season they are cropping up in the wild, in local parks, and even in our own back yards -- some were spotted in Seattle's Carkeek Park a few weeks ago -- easy pickings for our intrepid pooches.

So, here are a couple of photos of what they look like and sadly, we are also including this link to a flyer sent to us by a woman who lost her dog in August to this deadly mushroom.

Even with these photos, it's best to err on the side of caution...if you find any mushrooms growing in your yard, pick them, bag them and throw them away. Woof!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bring your dog to the 2nd annual Frogs and Dogs in Issaquah!

Love beer? Love dogs? Love frogs? Okay...maybe not frogs, but this event is sure to be hoppin'! Issaquah Brewery is located next to the salmon hatchery in downtown Issaquah, just 15 miles from Seattle's Space Needle. Issaquah Brewery's family of Frogs are created in a 15 barrel brew system. The brewery has garnered 30 awards for taste and quality. Yum!

Details: 35 West Sunset Way, Issaquah, WA 98027 Phone: (425) 557-1911

Monday, October 11, 2010

CityDog Editor's Pick: Rockin' hoodies for hounds

I'm a big fan of the Foo Fighters and now an even bigger fan of this hoodie featuring the Poo Fighters by Torudog. Warning though...Once your dog's inner rock star is unleashed, it may be tough to fend off those furry groupies when wearing this garb! $32 and up, plus more hoodies, tanks and tees at

Time to vote for the next CityDog cover dog! Vote today!

Drumroll are the five winners from the 2010 CityDog Cover Dog Model Search at Kirkland Uncorked (Harry), West Seattle Thriftway (Spencer), PAWSwalk (Violet), Fremont Oktoberfest (Dohjo) and FidoFEST (Ruby)! And, if you click will find ALL of our canine contestants...close to 500 in all their smiling glory!

And, now it's your turn...we need your help in choosing the final dog to grace the cover of CityDog Magazine! Simply click on the dog of your choice from the five winners above, then type his or her name into the subject line and click send. We will tally the votes by October 31, 2010 and announce the winner in our November 2010 CityDog E-News!

Thank you to ALL of our canine contestants -- you helped raise close to $5,000 for animals in need! Woofs and wags from all of us at CityDog Magazine, two- and four-legged alike!