Monday, October 18, 2010

Candidates Endorsed by Save Washington Pets and the League of Humane Voters

At CityDog Magazine, we are a-paw-litical, but Save Washington Pets has teamed up with the League of Humane Voters, Washington Chapter to identify candidates for the state legislature who have demonstrated they are most supportive of animal welfare legislation in our state.

Save Washington Pets reviewed animal welfare bill voting records of incumbent state senators and representatives running for re-election. They also reviewed responses candidates provided to a humane legislation questionnaire that the League sent to each candidate.

Why did they do this? Because they are working toward passage of spay/neuter assistance legislation and other important animal welfare laws. CityDog agrees, we need to elect state senators and representatives who care about and understand these issues and will vote accordingly.

Save Washington Pets' recommendations for the state senate and house of representatives are posted here. They have each candidate's name linked to his or her website or email address.

Your vote may be decided based on political party preference; candidates' positions on social, economic or other issues; or other factors. However, please also consider candidates most supportive of animal welfare legislation when you're deciding how to vote in the November 2 election.

If you're not sure what legislative district you live in, just use this handy district finder.

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