Monday, July 30, 2007

New! CityDog Recommends

Every Monday, CityDog will have a recommendation for you, whether it's an upcoming event you won't want to miss or a great new product we recently discovered or a new book we think you might enjoy. This Monday, CityDog is pleased to recommend the SENSE-ible Harness. We LOVE it! The leash clips to a ring on the front of the dog's chest, preventing it from pulling. It's that simple. It took my dog Ziggy about five minutes to figure out that if he pulls, he turns in the opposite direction. No choke chains or spiked collars (ick) -- just simple engineering! You can purchase the SENSE-ible Harness at the Pearl Retriever in Portland, Oregon or order it online at

Monday, July 23, 2007

CityDog's Muttmazing Race

It's the Amazing Race...doggie style! CityDog Magazine is hosting the first-ever Muttmazing Race at the rockin' South Lake Union Block Party, Friday, August 10 from noon to 7pm to raise money for the Seattle Animal Shelter.

Dog lovers and their furry, four-legged companions will compete in a variety of challenges such as "sit and get lei'd," "the puppy tunnel of love," "sit pretty for a picture," "find the treat" and more! The human/canine team with the best overall time wins! Challenges are designed to be fun first, challenging second and ALL dogs are welcome.

Only the individual challenges are timed, so in between you can can quench your thirst in the beer garden, check out the vendor booths, sample foods from neighborhood restaurants, hang out in the special dog area, listen to live music including local favorite Harvey Danger -- all as part of the South Lake Union Block Party. The festivities end with an outdoor movie screening of Little Miss Sunshine.

The cost to compete in the Muttmazing Race is just $10.00 with all of the proceeds going to the Seattle Animal Shelter's Help the Animals Fund.

To learn more about CityDog's Muttmazing Race and/or to pre-register online, visit To learn more about the South Lake Union Block Party including a schedule of the full day's events, visit


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Nominate Your TopDog!

Nominate your TopDog in a variety of categories including favorite pet store, doggie daycare, groomer, dog park, weekend getaway, toy, treat and more! We will tally the results and feature the winners in the fall issue of CityDog Magazine. Please be as specific as possible, whether it's a name of a trail to walk/run/hike or the brand of a favorite dog toy. Your vote is extremely important, so please let us know your TopDog picks today! Click here to cast your ballot! Ballots are due by August 1.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Safety Tips for Your Hot Dog

This week’s heat wave is not only uncomfortable, it can be deadly for fur-coated animals such as dogs and cats. Temperatures in the Northwest are expected to reach triple digits in some areas. The Oregon Humane Society wants to pass on its list of “do’s and don’ts” for keeping your pets safe in the hot weather.


- Do not take your pet in the car with you. The inside of a car heats up very quickly. On an 85-degree day, a car’s interior temperature can climb to 120 degrees in 20 minutes, even with the windows slightly open. Another concern is dogs riding on uncovered pickup beds. The sun heats up the metal truck bed and can burn your pet’s pads. Keep Fido at home!

- Do not leave pets unattended outside when it gets too hot – bring pets inside.

- Do not take your dog for a game of fetch during the heat of the day, because he may overheat. Walk your dog in the cool of the evening and morning.


- Keep your pets inside the house, with plenty of water.

- If your pets must be outside, make sure they have shade and plenty of water available.

- Get a “kiddy pool” and fill it with water for your dogs to splash and play in. They will love it.

Symptoms of heatstroke could include restlessness, excessive thirst, heavy panting, and lethargy, lack of appetite, dark tongue, vomiting, and lack of coordination. Contact your veterinarian.

If your animal is overcome by heat exhaustion, immediately immerse or spray the animal with cool running water (not cold water as that could cause shock) and continue until body temperature lowers. Give your pet water to drink and consult your veterinarian right away to determine if additional treatment is needed.

If you suspect an emergency situation has developed and you see someone else's animal in immediate danger from the heat, first consult the owner if possible and then contact your local animal control agency or local police department.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday Fido Photo Pick: Meet Maxwell

This photo comes all the way from Oviedo, Florida! Meet Maxwell, a one-year-old boxer. Maxwell's mom says he is very affectionate and loves people and would LOVE to have his picture on the cover of City Dog Magazine. For now, we are pleased to have him as our Friday photo pick!

Photo submitted by Christine Eaton.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

CityDog on KIXI 880 AM Radio!

Tune in this Sunday to Seattle's KIXI 880 AM at 10:30am to hear CityDog editor Brandie Ahlgren discuss places your dog can stay while you're away with travel radio show hosts Claire Nolan and Doug Prior of Alki Tours.

Thank God It's Over...

I love the Fourth of July and all of the festivities surrounding it...backyard barbeques with friends and family, stunning fireworks display, manufactered patriotism that is oh-so American...Unfortunately, my dogs don't share the same sentiment. And from the many emails I've received today, many of your dogs didn't appreciate it either. For a lot of dogs (and cats, horses, birds...), the fourth is the most stressful day of the year. Starting around 9pm lastnight, when things started kicking into high gear, I (like many of you I'm sure) was holed up inside the house, windows shut tight, t.v. volume on high, treats on hand for the dogs (drink in hand for me). Anyway, I hope your pets faired well and on their behalf...thank god it's over.