Wednesday, August 29, 2007

CityDog Recommends

I apologize for being a couple days late on this week's CityDog recommended product. The fall issue went to press yesterday, so needless to say, it was a little crazy around the office. Anyway, I've decided to stay on the topic of green living and recommend another eco-friendly product. Although summer is waning, we still have a few more months of lawn care and if your lawn is like mine, you're in need of this product. Dog Spot Eliminator, produced by The Organic Farm Store in Spokane, Wash., eliminates those ugly brown spots in your lawn caused by your dog's, um, pee. It contains micro nutrients with no added fillers, so it's safe for your dog and the environment and can be used to pretreat grassy areas. When applied over the entire lawn, it reduces the intensity of further spots and aids the natural recovery of affected areas, making spot treatments more effective. Check it out at The Organic Farm Store.

Monday, August 13, 2007

CityDog Recommends

These plush toys from Simply Fido are not only cute, they're environmentally friendly. Made with organic, all-natural materials -- cotton that is organically grown, fibers that are unbleached, untreated, and unprocessed, and dyes made with nature’s own plants and minerals, including chestnut bur, clove, and gardenia seed -- you can rest assured that these toys are non-toxic to your dog and gentle on the environment. Simply Fido, along with many other green pet products, will be featured in the next issue of CityDog Magazine, available September 1.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Michael Vick Chew Toy

Revenge is sweet...a dog chew toy in the likeness of NFL quarterback Michael Vick. We think every pit bull should have one!

On a serious note, CityDog will feature the topic of dog fighting in our fall issue and what is being done about it. Watch for it on newsstands this September.

Monday's Recommendation

Okay, so it's Tuesday. Better late than never, here is our recommendation...Northwest company, Krebs Recycle, fashions recycled climbing rope into leashes. The rope comes from indoor climbing gyms and mountain guide services retiring their rope after a season of climbing. How cool is it to imagine your dog's leash might've summited Everest!
Price: $13.00 to $15.00 at Railey's Leash & Treat, Urban Beast and Krebs Recycle.

For more eco-friendly, organic and recycled pet products, pick up a copy of our fall issue on newsstands in September. Our CityDog Living feature is all about going green with your dog.