Monday, January 08, 2007

Bye Bye Year of the Dog - Hello Year of the Pig

I'm sad to say the Year of the Dog is coming to a close. I liked the idea of living in a year influenced by the dog. According to Chinese astrology, it's a time when we humans imbue the qualities of our canine friends; that is, loyalty, generosity and selflessness. February marks the Year of the Pig (or Boar, if you prefer). After a Google search, I learned the pig is the most generous and honorable sign of the zodiac, and the Year of the Pig heralds a year of contentment, security and optimism. Not a bad forecast. This year is also the Year of the "Red" Pig, which only comes around every 60 years and is considered a year of booming business and family. Maybe it's time to start that pet business you've been dreaming about? Or what better way to usher in the Year of the Pig than by adopting a new four-legged family member?!

In closing, here's a weird piece of news I found on YahooNews: Chinese scientists have successfully bred partially green fluorescent pigs (link to full story here).

Happy Year of the Pig...whether it be red or green!

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