Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Friday Photo Pick! Good Dog in Badlands

Meet Jackie, part whippet and German shorthaired pointer (at least this is what her humans guess she is), posing in Badlands, South Dakota on a recent move from Detroit to Seattle. Welcome to the great Northwest Jackie! Photo submitted by Sang Koh.


Amanda Koh said...

sweet! that's our girl, Jackie!!! You think that's a good photo.... you should see the one's of her catching a frisbee! (why didn't her male caretaker send in one of those!?) ah, well - this is definitely a great photo, though.... Thanks so much to CityDog for posting it!!! And thanks for the warm welcome to the Pacific Northwest! It's great being here.... our dogs love it, too.... :)

CityDog Magazine said...

Welcome to Seattle Amanda and Jackie!