Saturday, November 17, 2007

CityDog Quoted in the Seattle PI

Click here to read an interesting article in last Sunday's Seattle PI regarding dog whisperer Cesar Millan and his recent visit to Seattle to help Buddy, a two-year-old pit bull with serious aggression issues. The article's author Sarah McCormick also takes a close look at modern dog culture and our attitudes toward our four-legged friends, quoting the editor of Seattle's own CityDog Magazine, Brandie Ahlgren.

"Seattle resident Brandie Ahlgren noticed this trend a few years ago, and in 2005 began publishing CityDog, a magazine aimed at Northwest dog owners. 'As people are having children later, dogs are more part of our family," she says. "They've moved from the backyard into our beds.'"

This article by Eric Sorensen in the Seattle Times' Pacific Northwest Magazine is a little older, but just as interesting, with another quote from CityDog's editor Brandie Ahlgren:

"A few years ago Brandie Ahlgren got a boxer. She dropped $25 on her first trip to the pet store, then saw she was spending $50 every couple weeks on toys and food. She noticed the Next to Nature pet store in West Seattle was knocking out a wall and expanding. She started talking with people at the Westcrest off-leash area and noticed a certain expression in their faces. 'I just got that sense of the joy the dog brings to their lives,' she says. It all added up to market research for the launch of CityDog, a quarterly magazine built around Northwest dogs and published in Seattle. 'It wasn't about just the numbers of dogs in the area,' Ahlgren says. 'It was about the attitudes to dogs in the area.'"

To read the full article in Pacific Northwest Magazine, click here.

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