Monday, March 31, 2008

CityDog Loves...

these buttons!The race is on for the White House and now your pooch can support his/her favorite politico—or democracy in general—by sporting one of these nifty buttons on their favorite campaign tee. Of course, you can wear one, too. Heck, at just $4 bones each, wear 'em all!

The creative minds at CityDog came up with a few slogans of our own... How about: Pugs 4 No More Dirty Politics, Collies 4 Campaign Finance Reform, Terriers 4 Tax Rebates, Bassets 4 a Balanced Budget? Okay, maybe not. For more information go to

These cool products and more are featured in the Spring issue of CityDog Magazine, arriving hot-off-the-press from the printer tomorrow, April Fool's Day (no joke)!


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