Saturday, June 07, 2008

CityDog Loves...

Skeledog tees...Find your inner canine!

Although they don't have a boxer skeleton shirt yet, I still love Skeledog's super fun and super hip tee shirts. High-quality cotton, with cool colors and designs. Thanks to Skeledog, we dog lovers no longer have to look like dorks.

Check out more cool products, including Skeledog's tees, in the summer issue of CityDog Magazine...coming soon!

Brandie Ahlgren, editor


SharylMB said...

These are fabulous! I prefer larger (living) dogs, but I'm going to have to get that Chihuahua.

SHAWN said...

The chihuahua has been printed and is available by email ( in the following sizes: girlie Large and extra large; Men's medium, large and extra large.

The website should be updated with new product photos for the four new breeds over the next week or so.