Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Final cover dog model search of the year a success!

This past weekend we held our final cover dog model search of the year at FidoFEST. It was a blustery, rainy day, but dogs still turned out in droves making it one of our biggest model searches ever. Thank you to all of the helped raise $1,000 for the Seattle Humane Society. To check out all of the canine contestants from FidoFEST, click here.

Pictured above is Finnigan, the winning dog from FidoFEST. Soon, we will be asking CityDog readers to vote for one dog to grace the cover of CityDog Magazine! Stay tuned!

Here are some more pictures from the event...

A contestant waits to hear the results (I love the terrier in the background..."who me?")

Braving the wind and rain at this year's FidoFEST.

A dog yoga...or "doga" demonstration. That's Rascal on the left...a cover dog contestant.

The wind-blown judges: Brandie Ahlgren, founder and editor of CityDog Magazine; Nicki Walters, co-owner of Pooper Trooper; and, Elise Vincentini, owner of Downtown Dog Lounge.

It was a family affair with kids and puppies...oh my!

Photography by J.Nichole Smith, Dane + Dane Studios, who managed to take some awesome shots while trying not to be blown away by the wind.

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