Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A Message from the ASPCA

Washington State Senate Bill 5651 is humane legislation that will help dogs in local puppy mills by setting a cap on the number of intact dogs over the age of six months who may be kept by commercial dog breeders.

Because this important bill acknowledges that current Washington state laws are inadequate regarding the care and husbandry of dogs in large-scale breeding facilities, it will also establish basic standards of humane care for these dogs—including minimum requirements for cage size and exercise. If SB 5651 is passed, it will be difficult for Washington’s worst puppy mills to stay in business.

What You Can Do
Please visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center online to personalize and send a letter to your state senator, urging him or her to support SB 5651.

Read about the recent Washington puppy mill raids (with close to 600 dogs rescued) in the upcoming spring issue of CityDog Magazine!

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