Friday, June 26, 2009

CityDog Muttmixer and Emma

Last Wednesday, CityDog Magazine celebrated its fourth anniversary with a Summer Muttmixer at Seattle's Rock Bottom Brewery. I have to say, it was a huge success, with hundreds of pooches and their peeps turning out to mix and mingle, sip cocktails and swap doggie tales. Thanks to everyone who attended!

However, one particular four-legged guest caught my attention and my heart: Emma, a gorgeous pitbull mix who has been looking for her forever home for over a year now. Currently, she resides at the Seattle Animal Shelter, but her volunteer handler thought it important to get Emma out of the shelter to show off her sweet and social personality. She definitely won me over!

If you would like to learn more about Emma on, please click here.

Photos by Emily Rieman, BestFriend Photography.


Seanna said...

Emma is a cutey! Thanks for getting her story out!

Sharyl said...

How is that gorgeous girl without a forever home? If I didn't have a such a needy dog of my own, I'd grab her!

cowbelly said...

those shots of Emma are absolutely fantastic. I *love* Emily's outdoor photography. Hmm, maybe I should commission her to shoot Fergie?

Patrick said...

Great photos! I fostered Emma (formerly Fergie) for 9 months last year, prior to the new foster caretakers she's with now. She's a very loving and cute dog, I miss her!