Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Statement on Michael Vick From the American Humane Association

Here is a statement from Marie Belew Wheatley, president and CEO of the American Humane Association, relative to the issue of Michael Vick completing his sentence and whether he will be reinstated by the National Football League:

"Whether or not Michael Vick is reinstated with the NFL, it is the American Humane Association’s sincere hope that he will make good on his reported intention to be a visible spokesperson against dogfighting and animal cruelty, and that he will use his continuing celebrity and notoriety to become a positive role model for compassion and empathy to both people and animals.

As for his reinstatement, that will be the NFL commissioner’s decision. American Humane is neither lobbying for nor against it. Since Vick’s indictment, American Humane has communicated with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s office on several occasions, as well as separately with the judge who sentenced Vick. Our original concern was that Vick, if and when found guilty, should receive a sentence appropriate to his crimes and his inhumane treatment of animals. The judicial process ran its course. Now it is up to others — such as Goodell, the public and Vick himself — as to what the future holds for Vick."

What do you think? Should Michael Vick be a spokesperson against dogfighting and animal cruelty? Should he be reinstated into the NFL?


Kimberly-MyPets said...

My concern is that he should never forget the severity of his crime and how hurtful his actions were to animals and animal lovers. I would love to see him as a spokesperson for the ethical treatment of animals, because maybe it'll keep it fresh in his mind that this is unacceptable. If people look up to him still, then maybe they'll learn something and change their behavior as well.

My boyfriend and I are going to adopt a dog, we're reading books, talking to people, meeting dogs, everything to ensure that the dog we eventually adopt is as happy with us as we are with him/her. I just can't imagine bringing a dog into my life to ignore or disdain and I especially cannot imagine bringing one into my life that I intend to abuse.

Kate said...

I'm still so horrified by his crimes that I find the NFL's decision to allow him back upsetting. However, I suppose there is a possibility that he actually regrets his crime against animals, and if he chooses to speak out against animal abuse, it might help the plight of the pit bull. And that would be great! I guess we'll just have to wait and see.