Thursday, November 12, 2009

Continuing Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog month into November

With so many dogs available for adoption, dedicating a month to bring awareness to the issue just isn't enough. Therefore, CityDog will continue to post dogs available for adoption on the CityDog Blog to help with the cause, hoping you or someone you know will open your heart and home to one of these pooches. Woof!

This is Diamond, a six-year-old boxer/beagle mix, and she is in need of a good home that will give her lots of exercise and love. She is very sweet and loving, but has a problem with anxiety. N.O.A.H. has her on an anti-anxiety medication and with some patience and playtime, she will make someone very happy. N.O.A.H. has event put together a plan to help her in a new forever home, and if you're interested in adopting her please stop by the N.O.A.H pet adoption center. Diamond looks forward to meeting you!

Coco is a two-year-old Lab and a wonderfully affectionate and playful dog. She loves to play fetch with her tennis ball, which she will politely drop at your feet so you will throw it again. Coco was surrendered to a local shelter because of her owner's health. She was brought in with her two siblings, Midnight and Mocha. They are bonded to one another and get along very well so we would like to adopt out the three of them together. Coco loves to cuddle and be close to people just as much as she loves to be close to her siblings. If you are interested in Coco, visit the N.O.A.H. Center today!

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