Friday, April 09, 2010

This week's adopt-a-shelter dogs: Gaia & Maggie

Gaia is a very sweet eight-year-old beagle who would love a home where she can spend her sunny days going for a nice long walk then spending the rest of her day hanging out with her family. If you're looking for a companion dog who can jump in the car with you while you run your errands, or spend the day out in the yard while you garden, stop by the NOAH pet adoption center and visit with her today.

Maggie is a high energy dog who would love a family that will take her hiking, camping, jogging, etc. She is a very sweet dog and would greatly benefit from some Good Manners classes to help her bond with her new owners while also learning rules and structure. If you are looking for a dog who will keep up with an active lifestyle, stop by the NOAH pet adoption center and ask to visit with Maggie today!

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Benny and Lily said...

Hop they find their forever homes
Benny & Lily