Monday, July 26, 2010

Urgent Attention Northern Idaho/Washington area dog lovers: Pit Bulls In Need needs your help!

Pit Bulls In Need (PIN), in the Northern Idaho/Washington area, needs your help. This rescue has been run and funded primarily by the founder who has recently become unable to handle the load due to a medical condition. The two primary and immediate needs of the rescue are fosters or adoptive homes for the dogs in their care (seven total), and donations to cover vet costs and support the rescue's expenses until homes can be found for the remaining dogs.

Other needed donations include: Dog food, straw, volunteers to return phone calls, do home checks, screen potential foster and forever homes, advertise and everything else it takes to run a successful rescue. All donations are tax deductible.

All of the dogs are very people friendly, unless otherwise noted:

Candy (pictured top left) -- Three to five years old, extremely sweet. Does well with submissive dogs of both genders.

Lilly (bottom left) -- Three years old and in current need of financial assistance for an ongoing medical condition. Must be supervised with other, submissive-only dogs; does not do well with dominant dogs.

Sadie (top right) -- Two years old. Sweet girl that loves ALL dogs no matter what, but does not care for kids. Very loving and gentle on a leash.

Tucker (bottom right) -- Two years old. Long term resident at the rescue because of his energy level. Loves kids, but needs more work with other dogs.

Not Pictured:

Took -- One year old, with separation anxiety. He is a foster or sponsor only, because PIN is working with his owner to get him back into the home. Does well with submissive dogs of both genders, but needs to learn social manners with people and dogs.

Rose -- Three to five years old and in current need of financial assistance to help with her allergies. Sweet girl, dominant female but tested well with cats and LOVES people including kids.

Short Stuff -- Two years old, in immediate need of financial assistance to further investigate tender joints. Tested well with cats and dogs, and according to PIN, is a total love, with no issues. "Sweet little guy."

If you can help in any way, please email Charlotte or for more information visit PIN's website here. And, please share this with your fellow dog loving friends and family!

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