Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Friday is Take Your Dog to Work Day!

Every day is take your dog to work day at CityDog Magazine. However, Friday, June 22 is National Take Your Dog to Work Day to celebrate the bond between pets and their humans. It is also hoped that once dog-less co-workers see the meaningful relationships enjoyed by colleagues who are dog guardians, they will be encouraged to adopt a dog from a shelter.

Employers can receive more information about making their companies dog friendly on June 22 by visiting the national organizers of National Take Your Dog to Work Day, Pet Sitters International. Log on to http://www.petsit.com/ for details.

Tips for a successful Take Your Dog to Work Day from the Oregon Humane Society:
  1. Be sure your employer approves; check to make sure all employees are okay with this event (allergies or fearfulness of dogs may make it unpleasant for some)
  2. Get the okay to have animals from your building manager
  3. Dogs brought to work should be well socialized and friendly
  4. Keep your dog on a leash and under your control at all times
  5. Schedule frequent potty breaks
  6. Have a back up plan should your dog not make it through the day
  7. Limit the number of dogs brought to the work place – depending on the size of the office, location of “relief” area, number of employees wanting to participate, etc.
  8. Plan ahead to make sure you are not under stressful deadlines as this is a day when you may not be as productive as usual
  9. Bring toys and treats to keep your dog engaged
  10. Dogs brought to work should be current on vaccinations and have proper identification. It would be best if the dogs were over 1 year old and spayed/neutered

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