Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Safe and Happy Fourth for Fido

This Independence Day, the Seattle Humane Society urges you to follow these basic safety tips:

Secure your pet in a safe, enclosed room, preferably one without windows. If you are hosting guests at your home, consider keeping your pet in a room that is off-limits to guests, with plenty of water and food.

Surround your pet with favorite toys and other familiar objects. Play soothing music and keep the room as quiet as possible by closing doors, windows, and blinds.

Besides the potential toxicity pets can experience from ingesting the gun powder in firecrackers, there is the obvious risk of accidentally burning or injuring your pet by allowing them to be in the same vicinity as fireworks.

The biggest risk this Fourth of July is that your pet will get loose and become lost. Even if your pet is secured inside, the sound of fireworks can cause them to enter an extreme panic mode. Dogs have been known to break through glass windows and cats are expert escape artists. Make sure your pet is microchipped and wearing identification. Call to confirm that your veterinarian and the microchip company have your current address and phone numbers.

Pets in need of microchip identification can be brought to the Seattle Humane Society Wednesday through Friday, 3 to 5 p.m., or Saturday through Sunday, 2 to 4 p.m. for $20 implantation, including national registry. No appointment necessary. Call (425) 641-0080 for more information.

The Seattle Humane Society has been protecting people and pets since 1897. Visit in person or online at to learn more about the Seattle Humane Society.

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SharylMB said...

Thanks for reminding me to update my contact information with my vet--Lefty's microchip is tied in with the vet's information and not my own (though his tag has my cell number on it).