Monday, February 04, 2008

American Humane Ensures Animal Safety During Super Bowl of Advertising

Sunday might have been a tough day for Patriots, but it was a great day for dogs. Not to mention alpacas, horses, carrier pigeons and oxen.

During the big game Sunday, Americans were treated to more than a dozen commercials featuring animals ranging from household pets like dogs, to lemurs. And while these ads placed many an animal in outrageous and comical situations, most advertisers made sure safety representatives from the American Humane’s Film & TV Unit were on hand to ensure that no animals were ever in danger.

The number of spots monitored by American Humane represented what is believed to be the most ever for Super Bowl-bound commercials. In every ad American Humane monitored, the advertiser succeeded in earning the “No Animals Were Harmed” credit.

Thank you American Humane and congratulations to the New York Giants (even though I lost $5 for your win)!

Brandie Ahlgren, editor
CityDog Magazine

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