Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pasado's Safe Haven is on call to help

With freezing temperatures in the Northwest, Pasado's Safe Haven is coming to the rescue of animals, providing blankets, shelter, food and more. Many of you brought donations to the CityDog Yappy Howlidays Party last week, but if you would like to donate more, Pasado's needs horse blankets size 81 and above, dog and cat shelters, beds and dog coats plus pet food and flea treatment (very important as freezing animals will die if infested with parasites).

  • Feed your animal more (they need extra energy to combat the cold)
  • Replenish fresh water (assure it’s not frozen)
  • De-flea pets; de-lice farm animals as they will die from anemia in the cold temperatures
  • Provide shelter from the cold against North and East winds
  • If low-income, call Pasado’s Safe Haven and they’ll help! 360-793-9393

Pasado’s Safe Haven also needs more volunteers to help distribute items. Please go to to volunteer or to donate a dog house or other needed items.

Thank you!

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