Wednesday, January 07, 2009

150 Marleys

Hollywood filmmakers used 22 yellow Labradors to portray the star of “Marley & Me” in the current blockbuster movie. But that number pales in comparison to the more than 150 Marleys available this weekend at the Oregon Humane Society.

OHS is changing the name of every dog, cat, rabbit and hamster at the Portland shelter to “Marley” this weekend in honor of the record-setting movie. And to help as many people as possible experience the joy of pet ownership, OHS is reducing all adoption fees by 20% this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

OHS expects to have about two-dozen Labrador mixed-breed dogs at the shelter, along with dozens of other dogs, cats, rabbits and rodents, each one named Marley.

Visitors to the shelter, which features special “get acquainted” rooms for meeting a pet, may want to spend time with the following Marleys:
  • Marley Chico is a handsome five-year-old who, unlike his namesake, does not require high maintenance. This Siberian husky mix is loving and polite, crate-trained and housebroken, and loves to snuggle. He does need medication as he occasionally suffers from seizures. But don't let that stop you from feeling the love for this sweet dog.

  • Marley Princess Buttercup is a three-year-old tabby who enjoys the finer things in life such as being waited on and adored. Princess Buttercup is an outgoing, adventurous lady who will gladly show off her fearlessness and make you fall in lover with her.

  • Marley Mia is a four-year-old American rabbit who has lived previously with other bunnies, dogs and children. She especially enjoys sharing fresh veggies wither her sister Marley Marci. Marley Mia and Marley Marci need to go home with the same owner--a double dose of rabbit love.

Every OHS adoption comes with a great list of "extras" at no charge. Each pet is spayed or neutered; comes with an identification microchip, collar and tag; has received a medical examination and an initial round of vaccinations; and comes with a free month of health insurance and a free first visit to a veterinarian. OHS is always available to answer pet-related questions and help families find the perfect match.

What: 20 percent discount on every pet named Marley (which is every pet at OHS!)

Where: OHS Shelter, 1067 NE Columbia Blvd., Portland, OR 97211

When: Friday, Jan. 9 through Sunday, Jan. 11. Doors open at 10 am every day; adoption office closes at 8:30 pm on Friday and Saturday, 6:30 pm on Sunday.

Contact: OHS, (503) 285-7722;

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Orin said...

I think "Marley and Me" will turn out to be the most complete, compelling argument for not having a dog. Marley is just like all the ill-behaved, poorly-socialized mutts that infest coffee shops everywhere. I didn't think the movie was the least bit funny, and frankly would not feel the least bit guilty dropping Marley off at some animal shelter knowing he'd be euthanized in 10 days...