Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Follow up to 60 Minutes story and inspiration to animal lovers

It's a ruff economy (pun intended). But, underneath this dark cloud of recession, sometimes there is a silver lining.

Last Sunday, I happened to be watching 60 Minutes. What caught my attention (and apparently Ellen DeGeneres') was a segment on Ernie Bjorkman, a popular Denver news anchor for more than 26 years, who was recently laid off as a result of a merger of two competing news stations.

Ernie decided to take on his true passion which was to work with animals in veterinary medicine. He dropped everything and went back to school to become a Vet Tech. Now that he's graduated, he's pursuing his dream -- with a substantial pay cut (and I mean substantial pay cut), but a significant increase in his overall happiness.

Ellen DeGeneres, co-owner of Halo Purely for Pets, was moved by Ernie’s story and asked him to be a guest on today’s broadcast of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. (I missed it, but maybe you caught it?)

Apparently, Halo Purely for Pets has decided to help a fellow pet lover out and has arranged for the veterinary clinic that hires Ernie to receive a year’s supply of Halo products. Ellen surprised Ernie with this exciting news on her show today.

I love a happy story and will keep you posted on the veterinary clinic that hires Ernie -- who is an inspiration to animal lovers everywhere!

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