Monday, July 21, 2008

Here are some prelim shots from yesterday's CityDog cover dog model search at Kirkland Uncorked. Stay tuned for more to come! (Photos by J. Nichole Smith, dane + dane studios).

The CityDog booth before the chaos started!

This dog decided to let us know exactly what he thought about the cover dog model search!

All of the contestants lined up and ready for the catwalk (yes, the line wraps down and around the lake, with close to 150 dogs)!

The judges (back to front): Emily Rieman (photographer and owner of Best Friend Photography), Brandie Ahlgren (founder and editor of Seattle's own CityDog Magazine) and Paula Heddle (owner of Barkz pet store in Kirkland).

What a cutie pie!

Lots of dogs cooled off in the lake while waiting their turn to walk the catwalk.

Love the English bulldog! We had a few turn out for the model search including a tiny, little puppy!

This little guy was awesome! Mom's a groomer and a dog walker.

This pooch was gorgeous...and HUGE!

Awesome Doggles, dude!


Biggie-Z said...

What breed was the big white dog? Looks like a kuvasz!!

Biggie-Z (kuvasz)

Gary said...

That's Ringo! He's a Great Pyrenese! He's a real sweety.