Monday, July 21, 2008

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who turned out with their gorgeous pups for the third annual CityDog cover dog model search at Kirkland Uncorked! We had three times the number of dogs than expected and raised close to $1,500 for Pasado's Safe Haven. You rock Kirkland dog lovers!

We'll have photos posted soon and if you didn't make it to Kirkland Uncorked, we have three more cover dog model searches coming up:

In the meantime, join us on 08.08.08 at the CityDog Muttmazing Race to raise money for the Seattle Animal Shelter!

Brandie Ahlgren, founder
CityDog Magazine

1 comment:

SharylMB said...

Drat! I forgot to bring my dog to the latest contest. Frankly, he's a little homely, but *I* think he's cover-worthy. My birthday is Oct. 4th, though, so maybe that's how I'll spend it!