Wednesday, July 02, 2008

More South Lake Union Images

In the summer issue of CityDog Magazine, we feature Seattle's super hip South Lake Union as our "Dog's Eye View" neighborhood. Alas, with limited space in a 56-page publication, we can't feature all of the amazing photos snapped by our photographers when out on assignment. And believe me, it is extremely difficult to narrow the images down to fit a four-page spread. Thankfully, photographer Jamie Pflughoeft posted several more here from her exploration of South Lake Union, so check 'em out! Thanks Jamie!

Come visit South Lake Union for yourself at CityDog's Muttmazing Race and the South Lake Union Block Party, Friday, August 8th! It will be a barking good time with live music, tasty food, a beer garden, an outdoor movie and of course, the Muttmazing Race!

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