Monday, October 19, 2009

October's dog of the day: Red

October is Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog month, so each day for the rest of this month, we will feature a dog available for adoption in the Northwest. Today's pooch is Red, a 7-year-old pit bull terrier available for adoption at the Seattle Animal Shelter.

In Red's own words, "I'm a super smart boy and eager to please, so naturally I'm very obedient and learn quickly. I walk well on the leash, and even know to sit at curbs before crossing. I know lots of other things too like 'sit, stay, come, okay, no, up, drop, leave it and high five.' I'm completely housebroken and I always tell my people when I need to go out. I enjoy long or short trips in the car, and I've been crate trained as well.

True to my breed, I'm the most loyal, loving animal you will ever find. I adore my humans and my very favorite thing is to be with them, no matter what they're doing. As an adult dog, I'm very good at snoozing and just hanging out. I love to meet new people and enjoy people of all ages. I play well with my foster dad's young godchildren. I LOVE to play fetch and swim and roller blade. I'm always good at being mellow with my people but especially if I've been out to run and play.

I have a big playful streak that will make you laugh. I can tell when you're ready to play and will entertain you with my antics and the way I "talk" to you when we're playing. For some reason my people think it's funny when I sleep on my back with my paws in the air, but I just think it's comfy and maybe (hopefully) I'll get a belly rub. I

I'm not too fond of cats and would do best in a home without them. I like other friendly dogs but I'll definitely need to meet yours first if you want me to join your family (I'd probably prefer to be an only child). Now you know all about me, so now all that's left is for us to meet, and for you to take me home!"

For more information about Red, here is the link to his page on

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