Monday, October 19, 2009

Oregon's Project POOCH Qualifies for Mutt Madness Competition

Project POOCH is one of two Oregon rescue shelter groups nominated for Rachael Ray’s canine competition dubbed Mutt Madness.

Based on the NCAA March Madness, the bracket-style competition asks that voters select their favorite shelter. The top prize is $50,000; second prize is $25,000 (that's a lot of bones for a small shelter). For every week that Project POOCH remains in the competition, more money is earned for the program.

To enter the contest, log in and register. To begin the voting, click on the POOCH panel. A detailed profile of the POOCH profile opens. Once the window opens, simply click on “vote." You must vote for one candidate in each of the brackets before submitting your final vote. Check back each week to cast your vote for the next round.

For over 15 years, Project POOCH has successfully paired at-risk shelter dogs with incarcerated youth. The youth train the “death row” dogs and prepare them for adoption to “forever” homes. The youth learn patience, responsibility and compassion, while the dogs earn a second chance and a loving family.

To enter the Mutt Madness competition, click here and cast your vote for Project POOCH!

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