Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Earth Day Part Three! Too Hemp to Be Cool.

The Good Dog Company makes these 55% hemp and 45% certified organic cotton corduroy collars and leashes plus a new corduroy harness. Not only are they super soft and come in a variety of cool colors, but they are also durable, naturally hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial and odor absorbent!

But, we didn't just feature these collars and leashes because they are eco-friendly. We also wanted to highlight the company itself. Central to the mission of The Good Dog Company is the belief that they have a responsibility to promote awareness of sustainable products and practices, meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations. How do they do this? By...
  • Manufacturing goods using hemp and other natural fibers.
  • Employing a local workforce in Colorado, emphasizing American craftsmanship and sweatshop-free labor.
  • Reducing manufacturing waste through careful consumption and recycling.
  • Donating a portion of their profits to environmental and social causes. Recipients include Leave No Trace, Environment Colorado, The Denver Dumb Friends League, The Humane Society and the Developmentally Disabled Resource Center.

Now that's a good, um dog, company!

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What a wonderful product 2 paws up! Our dog Lola and I are huge fans of the Good Dog Company hemp collars and leashes. They are:

*Made of sustainable materials-55% Hemp 45% Organic Cotton Corduroy Collars
*Soft and Durable- doesn't rub & create hot spots
*Naturally hypo-allergenic, *anti-bacterial and odor absorbent
*High quality
*Hip & fashionable
*Machine Washable

What a great way for your dog to be fashionable while saving the earth!