Friday, April 11, 2008

Finally! Your photos are uploaded.

We asked for them and you sent them...Close to 200 photos of your furry, four-legged friends! Well, it's about time, but we finally got them uploaded into a gallery for you to check out. Having a bad day? Simply click here and it will all be washed away with pure, doggie love! I recommend viewing them as a slideshow to get the full effect.

Thank you CityDog readers for sending us photos of your pooches! And keep 'em your favorite photo to and be sure to include your dog's name (even better if the file name is saved as your dog's name!).

Brandie Ahlgren, founder & editor
CityDog Magazine

1 comment:

cowbelly said...

Ok, now how could anyone not get their smile on when seeing this shot? That is one of the cutest things ever. Off to go check out the gallery!